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Flooring in Australia

Flooring in Australia

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Getting flooring done right is incredibly important, they have daily wear & tear and can sometimes be the overlooked! If you’re taking care of your furniture, then why aren’t you properly maintaining the flooring beneath your feet? You can be assured that the 170 floorers partnered with Servicing Australia provide professional local services that make sure that your floors are properly maintained.

When you’re installing a new floor in your house, it can be quite difficult to spot the difference between high quality timber that will last you a life time and cheap second grade materials that were made to mimic the high quality timber. Professional flooring specialists are some of the only people that are able to tell the difference, be assured that you’re installing the cheapest floor from a local professional.

With decades of combined experience with our partnered floorers, you can be assured that they know what they’re talking about, they’re able to make the right choices for you to suit any budget! The second thing that having so many partnered floorers gives you is the range. You’re able to select from an expansive range of flooring options and not be limited in your selection, there’s nothing worse than your local service not having the right flooring materials that you’re looking for.

Some timber floors will last for many years without any maintenance, but this depends entirely on the wear and tear of it. If there is high traffic, then your floor will deteriorate faster than if there weren’t. With Sanding and Polishing, you can be assured that your floor will last a very long time. With Servicing Australia’s professional polishing and sanding specialists, you can be assured that they’re able to provide you with the widest range of colours and a completed finish that will leave you beyond satisfied.

Varnishing your floors provides a protective glossy layer that increases the life expectancy of your floors. It’s a combination of resin, drying oil and another unique solvent that is up to the preferability of the flooring specialists. If you’re looking to prolong the life of your floors, varnishing is a cheap and quick option with immeasurable returns.

Liming your floors is also another option when deciding to provide maintenance to your recently installed timber flooring. It involves introducing a lime element to your floors on a regular basis that increases the consistency of its original colour as well as remove surface defects. If you’re interested in liming your floors, we recommend speaking to one of our professionals!

We break it down for you and help you to find local specialists – easy. If you’re unsure about what type of flooring work you’re after, it’s as simple as posting the job with a short description and hear back from some specialists that can guide you through the installation process and give you quotes in minutes!


Floorers provide top quality services at low costs. They’re experienced professionals that can help you to complete bamboo, timber, laminate, carpet and vinyl flooring. Floorers have the right flooring materials to suit any modern, contemporary or traditional style home. They’re also able to ascertain your needs, if you’re unsure about the type of work you need done, then feel free to post a job to any of our floorers and let them guide you through the process from quote to a job well done!

Timber Floorers

Timber flooring provides an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication inside any home. Proud owners of timber floors are shocked at the warmth that polished timber flooring has on a house. With Servicing Australia – you can be guaranteed that you’re getting the largest range of timber flooring options available inside Australia. Our partnered timber floors offer beautiful natural range of natural Australian sourced hardwood timber flooring to more exclusive internationally sourced materials.

Specialising in Parquet Flooring allows our professionals with an ability to offer guidance and give you the largest range of parquet materials within Australia. There is a certain elegance that a parquet pattern offers to an interior that cannot be substituted.

If you’re looking to install or repair hardwood or softwood floors, you can be assured that our professionals can refinish them beyond your expectations. Hardwood floors are more likely to be found in floors that are of higher quality and naturally will have a heavier cost, softwood floors attribute to approximately 80% of all timber flooring within Australia. Hardwood floors have a much higher density as compared to softwood floors and can potentially have a longer life.

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With 170 professional flooring specialists in Australia – be assured that we can provide you with a quote in your local area. Our specialists have the most experience in Australia and also the widest range of materials on offer. Whether you’re located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast or any other large Australian city – we have you covered. Post your job with a short description (which takes less than a minute) and start receiving quotes from local professionals now!

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Submit your servicing job and wait for a quick response from a list of our registered businesses

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