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A Virtual Meeting Ground for Both Businesses and Customers

Have you been looking for a professional service to get the job done properly and at the best possible price? Here at Servicing Australia, we offer potential customers and local businesses a unique portal where they can interact and engage in mutually beneficial relationships. We currently have an extensive marketplace of industries and professionals at our disposal, offering clients an impressive array of options.

So how does it work?

It’s literally as easy as one, two, three. You describe to us the job you want completed, whether for home or office cleaners or something else entirely. Relevant businesses in your area begin contacting you with quotes on their services. You pick the winner, or not! It’s completely up to you. We simply serve as the middle man to connect individuals based off their corresponding needs and leave the rest to you! Say you’re not happy with any of the proposed quotes from an array of end of lease cleaners , then there’s absolutely no obligation to commit.

Make businesses fight over your project

The luxury of choice means that professionals and businesses alike need to get competitive if they expect to win your favour. This means you can expect only the best quotes which honestly reflect the quality of the service. We only offer verified businesses in industries such as furniture repair, assembly, so you can rest assured you are only selecting from qualified individuals and businesses.

Generate customer leads!

At the other end of the spectrum, businesses also stand to gain, as our virtual marketplace helps drive customers their way which might have ordinarily been unavailable to them. Not only that, but they also stand to gain exposure from our direct advertising services which help to promote brand awareness.

Don’t miss out! Enter our marketplace today

Whether you’re seeking upholstery services, writers, tax agents, lawyers, high pressure cleaners or any number of different professionals, we offer a one stop shop to find you the best business available. If you haven’t already signed up your business then do so today, because your competition has more than likely already done so.